Natural fiber composites

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Products made from natural fiber composites

Products made from natural fiber composites

From plant to finished product

Under the name GreenLine we produce molded components and lightweight panels made from natural fiber composites. Our close cooperation with leading German research institutions guarantees continuous advancement our competence in the processing of these eco-friendly materials.

Infinite variety of products in the range of natural fiber composites

Based on their versatility natural fiber composites can be used for the production of an endless variety of products. In particular, products made from conventional plastics or wood can usually be replaced by natural fiber composites or natural fiber reinforced plastics.

We produce components made from natural fiber composites by compression or injection molding.

Our natural fiber reinforced plastics are made from natural fibers (hemp and flax) as well as from plastics (PLA and PP) and additives. In this way, we utilize the positive characteristics of wood fiber and plastic in order to create a material with a property potential that combines the advantages of both raw materials.

The benefit in comparison to solid wood products is the molding ability, high resistance to humidity and the associated weather resistance of the material. Compared to pure plastic materials natural fiber reinforced plastics can be attractive due to their natural look, low specific weight and the combined mechanical properties of wood fibers and plastics.

Profitable production of small series through our own tool shop.

Our own tool shop enables us to produce reasonably priced tools so that even the manufacture of a minimum of 1,000 pieces made from natural fiber composites is still cost-efficient. Due to short setup times of the toolings, even lot sizes from 100 pieces are possible.

Lead in the market place through products made from natural fiber composites

Our innovation edge is due to the development of new products made from natural fiber composites.

Make use of our expertise and our ideas to ensure a distinct market advantage for your future products made from natural fiber composites.!

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Innovative & environmentally friendly

Innovative & environmentally friendly

GreenLine - Musical Instrument Cases from natural fibre.
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